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Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds: Tools for Giving

We are financial stewards: we work with donors to build endowment and other funds that ensure vital futures for the community. When you create a charitable fund through a Community Foundation, you have the opportunity to provide benefits for the community now and forever with a permanent endowment. Learn more about Endowment Funds.

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  • Your gift is invested over time. Earnings from your fund are used to make grants and distributions addressing community priorities. Each gift — and all future earnings from your gift — is a permanent source of community capital, helping do good work today and in the future.
  • Legacy and stability: Endowment Funds create meaningful, long-term financial sustainability. Establishing a fund enables donors to make additional contributions, both living and testamentary. Grants will continue to be made in the name of the fund you give to so that your charitable wishes are preserved, even if an organization receiving grants ceases to exist in the future. Charities in good standing receive an annual distribution from the fund, which provides a regular source of operating income to support the organization’s working capital.
  • Leaders of non-profit organizations may also look to the community foundation to hold their organization’s endowment because they know that having a constant source of funding helps them respond to immediate needs and plan for the future.
  • Expert help: When donors or non-profit organizations work through the Community Foundation to achieve their charitable goals, they benefit from the expertise of experienced local program staff, community leadership, and investment management

The power of endowment

Mr. F.O. (Pat) Brewster died on October 30, 1982. Born in Banff in 1896, Pat Brewster’s life took him from his father’s dairy on Banff Avenue, to France where he served in the Canadian Field Artillery, and back to the Canadian Rockies where he led Brewster’s Mountain Pack Trains, safely taking visitors on horseback into the backcountry. By the end of his life, Mr. Brewster had also published three booklets of memoirs filled with engaging anecdotes.

In 2006, members of the Brewster family decided to honour his legacy by endowing a portion of his estate with the Banff Canmore Community Foundation. In accordance with Pat’s wishes, the fund continues to support the communities of Banff National Park, and between 2007 and 2017, the Brewster Memorial Fund has grown in value and has distributed over $40,000 to benefit community groups (eg. Food for Learning, community grants, etc) over the 10 year period.

Loretta M. Chaplin Memorial Fund

Loretta was an elementary school teacher who believed learning should be inclusive and fun. For almost 40 years she taught music, math, art and science in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Charlottetown PEI, and Freeland, Michigan. Loretta dedicated her life to teaching, inspiring and cultivating the creative potential of youth and young adults, especially through science and music. She loved the mountains, forest, and wildlife and planned on moving to the Bow Valley during her retirement but unfortunately passed away from leukemia before she had an opportunity to make this happen.

The Loretta M. Chaplin Memorial Fund has been created to honour her life and to keep her passion for children’s welfare and learning alive. It supports children, their families, and young adults in the Valley and is administered through the Banff Canmore Community Foundation (BCCF).

Fund purpose: To support grants and activities that honour Loretta’s gentle spirit and benefit youth programs or projects in subjects related to science, art and music.

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