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Heidi Widmer


Name: Heidi Widmer
Year scholarship received: 2008
Purpose of scholarship: Offset costs associated with being a full-time cross-country skiing athlete

100-word bio on yourself as of Spring 2016: 

I have recently made some big moves, literally moving from Canada to Switzerland. In Spring 2015, I picked up my life and a whole lot of skis and accepted a position on the Swiss National Team for cross-country skiing instead of competing for Canada. Although I now live in Davos, Switzerland, and am competing for another country, there is no changing where I came from. And for that I am extremely proud and grateful. I spend most of my days training on the roads with roller skis in the summer and running on the trails and then skiing around the groomed trails of Europe in spandex in the winter on both the continental and World Cup circuit. I am studying German at the moment but hope to further my studies in Anthropology at some point as well. At the moment, my full-time job is to be an athlete, I cook Mexican food when possible and love creating art.

What impact did the Marika Laub Memorial Scholarship have on your career/path/journey to where you are today? 

I never knew Marika personally, but her family means a lot to me. Receiving the scholarship means that not only did I have some financial support, it is also a formal recognition of the support I feel from the Laub family.

Do you have any advice or an inspirational quote to share with future recipients?

Breathe in as much fresh air as possible (mountain air preferred) and be curious.