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Philip Widmer

Phil Widmer


Name: Philip Widmer
Year scholarship received: 2001
Purpose of scholarship: Fund my pursuit of Cross Country Skiing excellence

100-word bio on yourself as of Spring 2016: 

With the snowy peaks of the Rockies melting, my skis will almost be ready to be put away after skiing the last snow our mountains have to offer. This spring marks the first season I’ve committed to pursuing my mountain guiding certification. While early on in the path of becoming a guide, I’m also working to complete my degree in Anthropology from the University of Athabasca.

What impact did the Marika Laub Memorial Scholarship have on your career/path/journey to where you are today? 

As a recipient of the Marika Laub Memorial Scholarship I was given an early boost in my ski career both financially and spiritually. It helped me live out my dreams of taking on the best skiers in the world. The financial support is a huge lift and was greatly appreciated. Equally important was the moral and social support of having an “angle” in the community to fuel big dreams and to get behind them.

Do you have any advice or an inspirational quote to share with future recipients?

Be passionate. Be focused. Be determined. Have fun. Don’t overcomplicate things and remember why you began chasing your dreams. Enjoy the journey.