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Sarah Rheaume


Name: Sarah Rheaume
Year scholarship received: 2016
Purpose of scholarship: To pursue my academic interests in Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan

100-word bio on yourself as Spring 2017:

Since the Spring of 2016 I have continued to pursue my academic interests in Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan. I have begun a research project with a fellow student focusing on improving the care of individuals with disabilities within the healthcare system. I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2018 and return to the Bow Valley, with aims of implementing what I have learned with my research, to continue to improve the care provided within the wonderful Bow Valley. I have a passion for public policy change and continue to work with a professor at the U of S to advocate for policy change to aid in the ease of mobility around the city for seniors and those with disabilities.

What impact did the Marika Laub Memorial Scholarship have on your career/path/journey to where you are today? 

It allowed me to attend the 2017 Canadian Nursing Students Association National Conference in Winnipeg Manitoba. This was a wonderful opportunity of networking for my future as well as meeting and learning from other wonderful nursing students and initiatives that are happening Canada wide.

Do you have any advice or an inspirational quote to share with future recipients?

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” — Author Unknown