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Tyler Funk


Name: Tyler Funk
Year scholarship received: 2012
Purpose of scholarship: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of British Columbia Film

100-word bio on yourself as of Spring 2016: 

I’m an award-winning writer and director of numerous short films that have screened in festivals around the world. In addition to narrative filmmaking, I’m the founder of North Of Now, a production company producing digital content and broadcast commercials. With multiple broadcast ads and millions of views on YouTube, North Of Now has won multiple awards and produced over 40 pieces of content for major brands. I’m also the creator and showrunner of the White Ninja digital series, the world’s first narrative Vine series starring Paul Scheer. It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and premiered at the Whistler Film Festival.

What impact did the Marika Laub Memorial Scholarship have on your career/path/journey to where you are today? 

The Marika Laub Memorial Scholarship gave me another push in the right direction. It’s a challenge paying for post secondary education and any support you get allows you to continue to focus on your reason for being at school. This gift helped me on my journey to becoming the filmmaker I am today.

Do you have any advice or an inspirational quote to share with future recipients?

You do you. Focus on what you love and put everything into that. Focus your energy on your passion and everything else will work itself out.