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Sport & Belonging in the Bow Valley

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In the Spring of 2016, with funding support from Community Foundations of Canada and The True Sport Foundation, we asked the Bow Valley True Sport and Recreation Council (BVTSRC) to help us start the conversation. BVTSRC hosted two workshops and in summary, their findings were:

What does belonging mean to you?

• It’s about meeting our needs as a person and as a community, it’s about inclusion, it’s about our relationship with others, it’s the end result

How has sport and recreation increased your sense of belonging?

• By being a coach, mentor or technical official, I feel I am giving back, by working as a facility operator, administrator or leader, by contributing to my personal development

What would help increase your sense of belonging through sport?

• Remove barriers to participation, enhance information, improve communication, provide better education: coach the coaches, learn the etiquette, learn about risk, enhance programs and activities, provide better funding for communities and groups

We then asked the Bow Valley to join in the conversation through an online survey… now is your opportunity to join in!

Click here to read the Fall 2016 Vital Focus Workbook